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Different Kinds of Engraving Techniques

Engraving is a traditional printmaking art, which involves incising creative designs and visuals onto the metal and non-metal surface using an engraving pen or tool. You can engrave an attractive design or visual on a variety of surface materials like glass, paper, silver, gold, plastic, etc. Hence, you can create impressive designs on any material surface through vital engraving techniques that are old artwork concepts developed by the experts. This art is still used in creating a variety of engraved labels, tags, and phenolic engraved products as well.

Nowadays, engraving techniques is good for developing engraved metal nameplates, tags, labels, specialty tags, etc. Among all types of engraved items, there is huge demand seen for engraved phenolic labels and tags. Here, phenolic is a resin-based material and has a good application in engraving field for developing engraved labels and tags.

What are Phenolic Engraved Labels and Tags?

Most phenolic engraved labels and tags are acrylic-based plastic engraving stock material. This type of label includes two layers of engraving stock at one side of the label. The labels made of phenolic engraved material will have ultimate durability and have smooth texture too. Phenolic labels can also customize in size and shape and are available in vibrant colors too.

There are different kinds of engraving techniques available which you can learn to create amazing designs and visuals on a variety of metal or nonmetal surfaces. Let’s take a look at some standard engraving techniques as follows:

1. Hand Based Engraving

This engraving technique requires the handwork of engraving professionals. It is a traditional art performance done by engraving artists. They do perform hand artwork with precision to create influential designs and visuals on surfaces using engraving tools and machines. In the hand engraving technique, an engraver has to follow a specific guideline while performing engraving artwork using tools or machines. The whole hand engraving work needs to perform in a controlled manner by the engraver. This hand engraving technique is applicable in developing stamps, dies, plates, money printing, bonds, and a variety of paper engraving works.

2. Rotary Engraving

This type of engraving technique involves engraving using a rotary engraving machine. The rotary engraving machine rotates a cutting tool in a motorized spindle. This spindle then moves through the material to produce a groove. The grove will develop in the same design or shape as per the geometry and width of the cutter tip. This type of engraving technique is applicable for engraving on different kinds of metal surfaces like steel, silver, gold, brass, etc. Also, it allows you to engrave on surfaces like plates, picture frames, card cases, knives, and more. Hence, you can perform all engraving works on any surface using a rotary engraving machine.

3. Laser Engraving

This engraving technique involves the works of the laser beam to engrave or mark designs or art on the surface. Laser engraving is a broad category to study and practice. The laser equipment emits the laser beam that helps to engrave designs on the metal surface. The process of laser engraving includes vaporization or heat production on the surface to create designs. All you can do using laser equipment. This engraving technique is suitable for applying engraving panels, graphics, photographs, and promotional products as well.

4. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Engraving

This engraving technique involves the use of CNC machines that work well. Such machines are pre-programmed and instructed to create high-level engraving on a variety of surfaces like glass, alloys, plastic, wood, metals, etc. It is a cutting technique to engrave designs onto hard surfaces using CNC machines or tools. This CNC machine engraving technique is good for creating 3D signs on ornaments and metal surfaces too.

Thus, you can adopt any of the best engraving techniques to create influential designs on a variety of metals or non-metal surfaces.

If you wish to create amazing phenolic engraved labels, tags, nameplates, etc., through engraving techniques, you may contact the leading engraving service companies in the U.S. At the reputed stops, you will get customized phenolic labels and tags design services at affordable charges.



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