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How to Clean Metal Nameplates and Metal Tags

Metal tags and metal id plates still have a lot of relevance when it comes to displaying the information or promoting their brand with its help. But it often gets difficult when it comes to keeping the clean and ensuring their good condition. These nameplates are used in different conditions and might have to face various weather conditions where they get really dirty and need to be thoroughly clean.

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One would generally find a nameplate hanging around a door displaying crucial information. Or it could be used at homes to display the names of people living there. So basically they are used for a variety of reasons and in the process become dirty with the information on it almost invisible. It loses its worth if the information which is supposed to be displayed is no more visible. Companies using metal tags to display their brands would always wish that these metal tags remain in the best condition for a long time. Machine plates online make some of the best metal id plates and our team is always ready to help you know every little detail about these products. Let us further see some of the top tips which would help you to clean the metal nameplates and tags.

Easy Tips for Cleaning The Top 3 Material Types For Metal Nameplates And Metal Tags

Stainless Steel

If there is one material that is one of the most popular to make these nameplates, it will surely be stainless steel. It is widely used because of its wonderful qualities of resistance against corrosion and mainly due to its incredible strength and record of being in perfect shape even after so many years. The characteristics of its durability and resistance to even the worst conditions make it the most preferred product for making nameplates.

  • How to Clean It

One of the best and most preferred ways of cleaning a stainless steam material is by using a sponge, dish soap, and some smooth cloth to eventually wipe the surface. Soap will do an incredible job and help in cleaning the steel surface thoroughly.


Aluminum is another very popular metal that is highly used to make nameplates or metal tags. Aluminum serial number tags are also popularly made with the help of this metal. They might not be as durable as stainless steel but still sits perfectly for making metal tags and plates.

  • How to Clean It

To clean aluminum, one must take some warm water and wash it with the use of soap by using that warm water. If you feel it does not bring the desired result then mix some vinegar in that water and see it getting the natural shine as before. Wipe it with a soft cloth and you are done.


Third, in line is an expensive metal called brass. It is mostly considered a high-class choice. They are mostly used to display in a comfortable environment where people can mesmerize their beauty.

  • How to Clean

There is a special commercial grade cleaner that is used in the cleaning of brass metal. They are specially made to clean the brass and work perfectly on the metal to clean it with super ease.

So this is how your metal id plates can be cleaned without any hassle.

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