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Why Choose Laser Marking Over Printing

Giving a mark to a product or a component is an essential process of manufacturing. It plays a very vital role in many aspects. Globalization has bought a huge change in the pattern of how we trade. A free flow of goods has become a priority and of international significance. Amidst all those billions of products flowing across the borders, each set of products need their own set of recognition. This is exactly where marking them with identity comes into play. A proper mark can be of even greater significance when it gives you a quick detail about its uses. Laser marking or you better know it as laser engraving is a process that creates a character why-choose-laser-marking-over-printing-htmlor a logo, graphic, or a bar code.

A manufacturer could better understand the significance of marking parts of the product with a unique number or maybe bar code or a logo. When a customer while using the product comes across some issue with a specific part, one can simply use the special mark to identify and order. This also helps when you want it to get repaired or replaced that unique number or logo is going to help you in every case. Companies and manufacturers figure out several ways and ideas to understand which marking way would be the best and will suit a product. Though two existing methods remain popular for quite a time, one being printing and the other is through the label. Several types of research are conducted to look for better alternatives that could be cost-effective and better in performance. One such product is available in the market which fits better in those two parameters; laser engraving has been a game-changer for quite a time. Before one plan to choose a laser engraving method for the products, it’s important to understand what exactly laser engraving is and what are its several benefits.

What exactly is laser engraving?

Laser marking or you better know it as laser engraving is a process that creates a character or a logo, graphic, or a bar code. One doesn’t require a physical tool to etch the surface or any other type of ink which is used to etch the products surface, but a tool emitting a laser light is used over a material or whatever surface one is looking to be etched and it the laser light produces a very deep mark or as per how depth owner wants for the product. There is a lot of laser marking intelligent machines available in the market which are capable of completing the laser engraving with utmost precision. There are different options available with a huge gap in price ranges. A machine comprising of a powerful desktop could help in laser engraving for low-key work and would be available at a way cheaper price in comparison with a technologically advanced integrated machine which will give great results.

Benefits of laser engraving

Moving further, let’s discuss the various benefits laser marking provides:

1) Cost-saving from no consumables

Finding different ways to reduce the cost of the product requires several examinations and research. Each step you take matters and does make a difference when it comes to effectively cutting or reducing the cost of manufacturing. So the manufacturers producing goods in high quantity could easily shift towards laser marking because adopting it will help them reduce the running cost significantly. An ink engraving or a logo could easily cost a manufacturer a good sum of $0.07 to $0.09 for a mark. While using the laser marking would only cost a sum of almost $0.02 per mark which will make a huge difference when a manufacturer produces products in bulk and have to use the mark a lot.

2) Permanence

Now, this is a very important aspect which could never be ignored. The stickers used on the products could many times easily tear off. In the case of ink, it can fade in adverse circumstances that include rough weather. But if you opted for laser engraving, you have chosen something which is going to last long. Doesn’t matter if it’s hard to weather conditions or a risk to tear off, laser marking can bear it all. It helps for those products which can last for a couple of decades and even after a long 20 years if you wish to change or replace them you could easily track the details with the help of laser engraving mark.

3) Visibility

A printed logo or an ink logo can often fade or face some other issue which makes it hard for a customer to seek detail. But when laser marked it is precise and clear with a far better quality which will help to seek detail about the product even after several years.

4) Speed

Time is crucial for manufacturers and a lot of it could be saved when using laser marks for your products. Machines are a lot quicker and thus the saved time by the manpower to look after it could be used at other productive work.

5) Flexibility

What makes laser marking a huge success comes with the fact that it could be used to engrave on several kinds of different materials like plastic, metal, or other natural material. An ink marker might not work on metal properly but laser engraving covers it all.

6) Minimal maintenance

A lot of printers consume a good amount of time to get them cleaned. Many times one might have to clean it daily or every couple of days. Laser marking acts very crucially at this stage because it doesn’t use any tricky consumables to be cleaned now and then.

If you are looking for other details or wish to know in-depth about laser engraving, we at Machine plate online are ready and much willing to help you in every possible way. We have a long time of experience in laser marking and could assist you in doing it the perfect way.

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