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The Main Differences between Laser Etching and Engraving

Etching vs. Engraving

Certain industries deal with pretty complex processes and operations. So it often gets difficult for people to understand the basic difference between a lot of things. Etching and engraving are probably one of those familiar terms where people usually get confused about what is what. At first, it is important to understand what exactly these terms are about. The process of etching and engraving are both used to generate the text and images on the metal surfaces. Both these processes are also compatible to be used on many other surfaces. We at machine plates online have got expertise in phenolic engraving and we use both the process for metal tagging and related work.

If we talk about the primary difference between the process of etching and engraving, it has to be the price. There are a few precise factors that define the cost difference between etching and engraving.

· Material- if the material which needs to be engraved is hard, the process will be difficult and will certainly be costly. So these projects are often suggested with the etching process.

· Character Size and Depth- size and depth of the project are often categorized as the deciding factor of the price. The more complex the process is, the higher the cost.

· Production Volume- production volume is another important element. If someone needs only a few labels or pieces then engraving would be much more cost-effective. But if there is a higher volume of requirements then etching is a much better and cheaper option.

We always feel that pricing has to be very transparent. The quality of the product should be well defined so the customer knows how much and for what exactly is he paying.

The Difference Between the Etching and Engraving Process

It is pretty astonishing to know that the result of both the process would be very similar but they still have grave dissimilarities as far as the technological aspect is concerned. When we talk about laser engraving, it will cut through the material surface, leaving a cavity that will leave a precise and clear image. In the process of larger etching, there is no cutting into the metal rather it touches the top layer of the metal and creates a crevice. Engraving could be termed a physical process while etching has to be termed the chemical process. Both of the processes have got their pros and cons and it is up to the individual which process suits him more.

Engraving and Etching Hard Materials with Laser Technology

We have spoken a lot about lasers so let's understand this technology better. It is a device that is expected to emit a very powerful beam of light through the process of optical amplification. There are many different types of lasers. It can be a gas laser, dye laser, excimer laser, or solid-state laser. The manufacturing industry has got a high use of lasers for the act of cutting, drilling, engraving, and marking the material.

Advantages of Engraving

Engraving has got some wonderful advantages which make it a highly impactful process-

· During the process of engraving, the laser emits tremendous heat which lets the material vaporize and take the shape as expected.

· It is a very quick and precise process.

· The process is expected to create an easily visible cavity.

· It is very durable and cost-effective in most cases.

Advantages of Etching

Etching is also a very highly appreciated process and laser etched stainless steel is its most popular product

· Etching has often been termed the process of perfection

· A lot of material savings can happen through this process

· It can be done on a lot of material

· It is very durable, fast, and cost-effective.

For instance, you can contactMachine Plates Online, which is one of the trusted metal tags and name plates manufacturers in the United States.

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